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AD* STAR ® type bags

AD* STAR® type bags are among the most advanced products by Tisza Textil. The bags are manufactured with a circular woven PP tube. The woven tube is laminated with a mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene film. The laminated tubes can be printed and perforated. During the last production step the laminated, printed tubes are cut to size on an AD-CONVERTEX production line and the bags are converted by thermofixing the top, the valve and bottom patches.

The state-of-the-art print results are achieved with flexo-printing on one or two sides in up to 4 colors and the top and bottom patches can be also printed. A coating with a matt or shiny finish is available in different colors. On request the bags can be perforated, UN-certified or supplied in food-approved quality.

Range is from 350x450x90 (smallest size)
to 600x1020x160 mm (valve bag)
to 600x1100x180 mm (open mouth bag)
width: 350-600 mm
length: 450‐1100 mm
bottom/top: 90‐180 mm

Fabric weight 60-90 g/sqm
Coating weight 25-40 g/sqm

Weaving construction
20/20 warp/weft proportion on 10 cm made of 5 mm wide foil tapes 33/32 warp/weft proportion on 10 cm made of 3 mm wide foil tapes

AD*STAR® block bottom valve bags


AD*STAR® block bottom open mouth bags