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PE FFS-tube

The tube is made to customer specifications from a mono-layer extrusion or three-layer coextrusion with gusseting and/or embossing. In order to achieve these features, different master batches and additives are used, i.e. for coloring, UV stabilizing, and the improvement of mechanical and anti-slip properties.

The bags are printed with the desired design in up to 4 colors and can be perforated on request. For use, the tubes are cut to size and welded in order to create the FFS bags (with corner-welding on request).

For use in the food industry the tubes have been certified by OÉTI (National Institute for Food and Nutrition), and they can also be used for the packaging of dangerous materials (certified by UN).

Width: 350 – 600 mm
Gusset width (at tube): 50, 65, 70, 75, 85 mm

Embossing per side: 2-2 stripes
Embossing stripes’s width: 55, 80, 100 mm
Thickness (at gusseted tube): 120 – 200 µ in mono and coextruded quality
Thickness (at bag): 80-200 µ
Roll diameter: max.: 1460 mm