Asian Based Supplier of Quality Bags

Quality and Innovation

At Weifang Tisza Plastic Packaging Co. Ltd, we ensure quality in every respect and every step of the process.

Thanks to our extensive experience of our European co-operation partner in the pharma business we produce the best quality in an  environment meeting the standards and expectations of the pharmaceutical industry..

Close cooperation between the quality department and production and R&D/ innovation is needed to back up the quality systems with research and testing.

Our customers’ needs and satisfaction are the main drivers for our stringent efforts in innovation. We profit from the profound knowledge of our co-operation partners, since they are well situated in the pharma world in Asia and Europe.Together we are pushing back the boundaries in the design and development of logistic transport solutions in pharma logistic.

Weifang Tisza Plastic Packaging Co. Ltd R&D team is continuously working on new projects together with customers, external institutes and all group members. A strong partnership with major recognized worldwide labs helps the team to validate new processes, materials and products in accordance with the most recent packaging standards.

Modern equipment is available to help the team work in professional conditions.