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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility
by Tisza Weifang

Tisza Weifang plays a major role in making the industrial bag business employee and environmentally responsible and economically sustainable.

Wherever we can, we support environmental sustainability goals or define common targets with our customers. We practise recycling and upcycling and are dedicated to a circular economy. We also cooperate closely with our partner companies / affiliated companies / associated companies on various techniques such as upcycling of non-separable plastics by pyrolysis. As part of the industrial bag business and pharma logistics solutions we ensure that our customers benefit from our ecological approach.

Save Water in Pharma

We are committed to environmental friendly and sustainable eco systems. Minibag logistic system is the most environmentally friendly solution on hand for logistic transports for Pharma companies. This very solution outperforms conventional vessel cleaning systems or drum based solutions. These cleaning systems require large amounts of energy and chemicals, extensive lab work for validation, and disposal of all washing and rinsing liquids. The cleaning and rinsing liquids are contaminated and in the very end, the only recourse is to destroy them to eliminate the chemical molecules. Mainly this is done by incineration which consumes additionally to the water also tremendous amounts of energy.

Our state-of-the-art technology is guaranteed eco-friendly and uses no water.

A Minibag is a composition of neat polymers with non-toxic fillers. Once it has been used it can be neutralized in the incineration process where, beside the neutralization of the active substances, energy is gained from the burning of the bag. As the fillers were chosen so that only waste products are produced that are easy to process, the bag can be burned and energy saved by the incineration process.