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Plant to plant

Plant to plant handling

Whenever it comes to long-range transport or transport outside the clean area, transport costs have to be considered as a serious issue.

Saving space and cost-effective single-use solutions with minimum waste are key to keeping control over your logistic costs. To tackle this burning issue, Tisza Weifang has talked to many customers about their specific needs. One solution for counteracting cost-intensive transport is our Minibag transport package. It not only reduces transport costs for the shipping plant, but enables the receiving factory to make tremendous savings too.

Plant to plant

Why our worldwide customers choose the Minibag handling package:

  • High ROI figures
  • No cross-contamination risk
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Significant reduction of validation efforts & costs
  • Easy to fit into existing equipment and processes
  • No need for washing units or metal containers = less outlay/investment
  • Easy disposal – Minibag consists of neat polymer composition, incinerates residue-free

React quickly to increasing market demands. Add as many Minibag containers as required to your process with low investment and with no extra burden to the washing unit.

Handling solutions

Less waste material and the true Minibag process savings. International customers who ship overseas from Puerto Rico to Europe report exceptional cost cuts and enhanced performance for Minibag sending and receiving plants. These customers report how easy the implementation is and the astonishing savings in processing, validation and waste disposal costs. Transport with the Minibag system is simple and can be adjusted to every unique situation at our customers’ sites.

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