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In-house Minibag storage needs

– the frame concept

The Minibag storage solution is the state-of-the-art technology for cost-effective warehouses!

As our Minibag logistic package can be tailored to meet your unique storage demands, you can always benefit from Minibag use. All boxes ticked, with various types of inliners suitable for short-term and intermediate storage as well as long-term storage of highly sensitive material. From a basic polyethylene inliner to a complex aluminium sandwich – we have the optimum solution.
In-house Minibag storage needs

Take the basic Minibag and frame and add extra features such as stacking option, wheels and forklift shoes and improve your storage area usage. Benefit from our experience in the design and construction of frames and lifters and our handling expertise.

Tisza Weifang follows a strict quality approach in all areas, governed by ISO standards 15378. As a consequence of these efforts our transport solution is fully pharma-approved.