Asian Based Supplier of Quality Bags

Board of directors

Mr. Peter Huemer
CEO fsh-Holding

Mr. Cong Lujun
CEO Changyi Damei Trading Co., Ltd

Mr. Georg Gobec
COO fsh-Holding

Managing of WTPP

Mr. Richard Wang
General manager


At Tisza Weifang employees act with respect, honesty and integrity, always comply with rules and regulations of all governmental authorities as well as other private or public regulatory agencies to which the Company is subject.

The management team promotes ethical behavior among other employees of the Company, acts in good faith, responsibly and objectively, with due care, competence and diligence.

Tisza Weifang uses the extensive knowledge of the multinational team of specialists to generate innovation in products and processes. We truly appreciate that diversity is beneficial to both the organization and the members as it creates sustainable benefits such as better decision-making and improved problem-solving, greater creativity and innovation.

The management knows that diversity provides organizations with the ability to compete in global markets, values our employees and stimulates valuable commitment while enabling the employees to contribute in a unique way to achieve the group vision.