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Minibag 400

The system, available with tailormade volume for any application, is applicable on coaters, to store the finished products and feed the final packaging lines.

The Minibag standard system consists of a specially designed and manufactured outer bag to keep the flexible container in a rigid shape. The construction unites a unique design with lightweight construction for safe and easy handling.

Being the contact surface to the customers’ goods, our inner bag is made of materials in accordance with the latest Chinese YBB standards – on demand we serve according to European and American pharmaceutical requirements.

Upgrades available for your tailored products

  • Minibag liner types: polyethylene coextruded or with aluminum barrier
  • Size changes available on request
  • Vacuum airtight packaging (3-5 pcs)
  • Lifting sleeve
  • Document holder
  • Additional bottom tension straps

Available in capacities from 520 to 600 liters, maximum load: 400 kg

Height of Minibag body (cm) H 70 80
Height of frame (cm) HC 115 125
Capacity (lt) 520 600

Tisza Weifang follows a strict quality approach in all areas, governed by ISO standard 15378. As a consequence of these efforts our transport solution is approved by leading producers worldwide.