Asian Based Supplier of Quality Bags

Tailor-made products

in pharmaceutical and pharma logistics

Tisza Weifang is the Asian based supplier of quality bags that unites best cost-to-quality ratio with innovation.

Thanks to our excellent on-site service we can develop the ideal solution for our customers, whether it is a new high-tech innovation for the pharma logistics or a tailor-made solution for a single blistering station. Having manufacturing locations within the center of Chinese Pharma production and partner sites spread across Europe, we are able to serve our customers with quality solutions with short transportation distances and can provide backup in case of emergencies.

Our customers benefit from the main manufacturing plant being located next door to a major processor of polypropylene and polyethylene which guarantees us a supply of raw materials and helps us to offer attractive prices to our customers. Since we have the supply chain under control, we guarantee deliveries and help our customers to reduce costly storage on their site.

The tape production and weaving are also on our manufacturing sites which reduces the need for long-haul shipment and consequently our carbon footprint.

Innovative products of Tisza Weifang are never far away

Since Tisza Weifang uses fully vertically integrated production from the basic materials to the Minibag we can reduce long transport times and react quickly to your enquiry. For more detailed information on Tisza Weifang contact your local representative.