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Pharma Liners

Pharma Liners

Primary packaging requires special characteristics which are key elements in our product development. Together with our customers we have developed appropriate packaging for pharmaceutical goods which ensure safe handling and the protection of our customers’ goods.

To continuously monitor and develop our products we test both their mechanical properties as well as their permeability (water vapor transmission rate) and oxygen transmission.

We have systems for short storage of non-sensitive products as well as high-end multilayer hybrid constructions for long-term storage of highly sensitive products.

Due to our stringent quality standards, our production takes place in an appropriate pharmaceutical environment in keeping with the requirements of the Chinese Standard YBB. On special demand we serve with product that meet European Union Pharmacopeia (EUP) and the United States Pharmacopeia. During production we take utmost care to completely isolate the direct contact material which enables us to guarantee pollution prevention; combined with full traceability of each liner we offer a safe and reliable solution.