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Pharmaceutical logistic solutions

Innovative and cost-cutting products

TiszaWeifang is a renown supplier of pharmaceutical logistic solutions which can replace cost-intensive investments in cleaning and transport systems. For existing transport solutions we can also design advanced logistic solutions with our customers which are based on our Minibags and can bring you astonishingly high ROI figures.

Our extensive knowledge of logistics inside pharmaceutical plants enables us to provide our customers with innovative and cost-cutting products.

Due to its one-time use, the Minibag series offers a safe and economical transport solution for the transport of powders, granules, tablets and capsules. The Minibag is also widely used as a bulk container for the transfer of products from the production site to the various packaging facilities.

Explore our Pharma Minibag handling solutions in a short video


Intercompany Minibag handling solutions

Minibag intercompany handling solution – a full-line solution of lifter, hoist, frame and bag by TiszaWeifang.


In-house Minibag storage

The Minibag storage solution is the state-of-the-art technology for cost-effective warehouses!

Plant to plant

Plant to plant handling

Whenever it comes to long-range transport or transport outside the clean area, transport costs have to be considered as a serious issue.

Pharma Minibag containment solutions

Pharma Minibag containment solutions

Pharma Minibag Containment – a complete solution for all sizes of Containment Minibag applications