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Weifang Tisza Plastic Packaging Co. Ltd called on its long experience in the industry to create a flexible logistic transport solution especially for the pharmaceutical industry. Our minibag logistic transport system offers our customers various advantages over rigid packaging. Numerous examples of minibag use in various facilities clearly shows that it has benefits for every customer.

While customer S. sees the bag’s biggest advantage in the lightweight construction and consequently its handling, customer P. states that his major focus is avoiding cross-contamination. The advantages most often mentioned by our customers are as follows:

  • Absolute avoidance of cross-contamination through single use
  • The Minibag’s one-time use makes the highly expensive washing and waste water removal processes unnecessary
  • Easy ergonomic handling through lightweight construction
  • Needs almost no storage space
  • Filled Minibags save storage space thanks to the stackable Minibag frame construction


The Minibag standard system consists of a specially designed and manufactured outer bag to keep the flexible container rigid. The construction is designed by R&D to combine safety with lightweight construction for safe and easy handling.

The woven outer bag materials are manufactured on our extrusion and weaving lines which are especially designed to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical products. Being the contact surface to the customer’s goods, our inner bag is made of materials in accordance with the latest European and American pharmaceutical requirements.

Weifang Tisza Plastic Packaging Co. Ltd follows a strict quality approach in all areas, governed by ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 15378. As a consequence of these efforts our transport solution is fully pharma-approved.



The system, available from 150 to 600 liters, is applicable on coaters, to store the finished products and feed the final packaging lines.